Flatbreads | Basics with Babish

Birt 17 jún 2021
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  • Thanks man im making the pitas today.

  • I think the pita was done better by Joshua Weissman , aesthetically.

  • i have never tried baking bread (well besides banana breat) but i think i'll give it a go at some point, using this video as a reference

  • Would these flatbreads be ideal for making a homemade chalupa? Or any crispy taco?

  • That blowing of the flower was sexy.

  • Is there any hope for the people with induction stoves?

  • I LOVe your videos and have been following for some years now, I just have one request. I have Celiac Disease, so gluten is my mortal enemy. How can I make roti or any other flatbread using GF ingredients? I tried so many things but it's impossible

  • i make pita since about 3 years. it has never bubbled up. but now im Optimistic, next time it will :)

  • Do Candy Pie by The Aquabats

  • You used bread flour but your recipe says all purpose flour

  • I Like My Falafel Like My Steak, Delicious

  • I’m trying the last one right now waiting for it to rise

  • How do you reheat from frozen?

  • Can this be doubled?

  • Jesus loves u

  • I love yogurt flatbreads in particular. One of my favorites is Smitten Kitchen’s take.

  • 7:01

  • What you made is technically classified as Roti but its a specific kind of Roti called Phulka (pronounced Full-ka). Its basically derived from the word phoolna (fool-na) which means "puff up" cuz..it puffs up. Its a very healthy alternative to your typical Chapati or Roti where you apply a drop of oil/ghee on the Roti as you flip it. Also, since youre applying Oil/ghee, you dont roast it on the direct fire either and just let it puff up up somewhat in the pan itself.

  • Babaish you are now qualified to marry an Indian right now. 🤣🤣

  • Babish bubbling up the rotis like a pro.

  • Making Pita is very difficult for me. I always fail when I try to make Pita for Shawarma. 😢😢😢😑

  • I like how all the South Asians (including me) are absolutely *thrilled* that Babish managed to finesse roti

  • Being an arab (Egyptian), im just here to hear him say falafel lol

  • i lost the game while watching this video

  • idk about you folks but at 5:00 Babish looks like a Dad that he did something he'd accomplish.

  • My Indian judgemental Patti (grandma) approves of your Roti. Look at how round your roti is!

  • I’d love to see him make homemade Pita Chips

  • What game do you play during the resting time?

  • This guy is like a food engineer

  • I approve...

  • Put some olive oil on pita bread with a cheese of your choice.. Oh boy.

  • I laughed when he said rohteee

  • You sir need to go to the shuk

  • Any chance of trying this with a GF flour? What modifications would I need to make?

  • Can you try to re create food from food wars (shokugeki no soma)?

  • It's roti

  • H-Yoghurt

  • The fact he said 666 mark of the beast shows an awareness that I respect. Bit now who does Babish think is the beast? 🤔

  • What pizza oven is that?!


  • My Mom would be proud of you for making a perfectly round and fluffy roti. Kudos

  • Nek minute

  • Wow we!

  • This was weird to me cause were I am from rotti is a dish and the flat bread we eat with it is called nan bread. Still looked delicious tho.😁

  • Really nailed the bread part. As an indian i enjoyed this video very much : )

  • 4:59 Not gonna lie, but I thought Babish was going between the middle finger and the thumb like: 👍🖕👍🖕👍🖕👍

  • is the pita the same way of making naan bread?

  • Us Guyanese call the first one "Sada" Roti

  • What is the difference between flatbread and flour tortillas?

  • I love that he pronounces the T in roti. So many people say "roady" and I can feel my Caribbean ancestors squint their faces every time.

    • don't forget your carribean ancestors indian ancestors

  • Me as a Egyptian watching how to make our own invented bread

  • When did you get the Ooni Karu 16

  • We’re you a judge on beat Bobby flay

  • We need to give him a proper belan and chimta


  • Roti in a babish episode- *exists* Indians- PERFECT 😭 And on that note, PERFECT 😭

  • So basically tortillas got it

  • day 2 of asking babish to make the omurice from charlotte

  • so great! thank you

  • Ok I'm gonna need the name of that pizza oven Because like 😍😍😍

  • The fact that you made a round roti .. indian moms are proud of you babby!!

  • I tried to make the yoghurt-flatbread but i couldn't knead it at all since it was way too sticky. Was that recipe designed only for standmixers?

  • Bearded Flat Bread Wizard..

  • Saw your twitch channel has been dead for the past 3 years, what happened?

  • Can we get the perfectly preserved pie from fallout?

  • Where is the kebab recipe or maybe even the adana kebab recipe

  • How do you get the roti to puff up like that if you don't have a gas stove? Could it be done straight on the hob? Has anyone tried? (I have a glass-ceramic hob - not induction).

    • Somehow my Grandma manages to puff it up on electric stoves as well

  • Do Beverly Goldberg’s shrimp parm

  • You need to make the pasta from the movie Luca pls !!!

  • Please please make recipes from Kim's covinence from Netflix series. They have some bomb Korean food

  • Hey Babish! ever think about making a video about Hungarian Langos????

  • My favorite type of bread

  • You should do the gyoza from episode 13 of DoreHeDoro

  • I would LOVE to see how you would make a hayburger from My Little Pony

  • is American style yoghurt yeehawgurt ?

  • Can you do Beverly goldbergs shrimp Parma from the goldbergs

  • I wanna eat all of the foods on your channel but I know I can't

  • leftover parfait malcolm in the middle. Please!

  • can you make the pasta from luca

  • I hate the fact that i carnt have any of your amazing food

  • Any plans to make the trenette al pesto from "Luca"?

  • Love ur videos but where's sohla?

  • Can you make the pesto from Luca?

  • You should make the “Breaking bad: Mikes usual” when he goes to the diner for breakfast. That would be pretty cool.

  • Can you make the Trenette al pesto from Luca?

  • I live in Rochester, wondering if you could make the diablo sandwitch from Smokey and the Bandit???

  • Can you make egg in the hole from the meddler

  • عيش بلدي

  • Is there a way you could make a recipe for the McDonalds BTS Meal sauces?

  • i like your scalp

  • What year did you get tiny whisk?

  • Suggestion: Ron's Banana Burger from Parks and Rec

  • Hello. I was wondering if you could do Uncle Iroh's noodles from Avatar The Last Airbender. Thank you

  • I would like to see episodes cooking from movies following: Beignets from OUAT Lasagna from OUAT

  • Make big smokes order from gta San Andreas

  • And next lucas favorite Pasta

  • Babish can you do a Pastelitos de Guayaba

  • Hey i was wondering what i do if i dont have a food scale?

  • Damm Babish, now my Indian mother is going to abandon me so she can adopt you 😭

  • Do the pasta from Luca please