Chopped Cheese | Basics with Babish

Birt 8 júl 2021
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  • ... is a cheeseburger?

  • A double cheeseburger with extra steps

  • so its a cheesesteak

  • So it’s a bastardized cheesesteak

  • That look absolutely amazing. I’m hungry now

  • Clocks in at 10 inches long, perfect for soaking in all those beefy juices. 🤤🥵

  • Desus & Mero told me an authentic seasoning for a chopped cheese is hair from a bodega cat.

  • its just a dupe hotdog

  • Green pepper tu ta loco

  • Did you go to hajis deli for the chopped cheese?

  • no bev?

  • you need either C&C or Ari (Arizona Ice Tea), as well as a bag of chips and a honey bun

  • So it’s “not a cheeseburger”?

  • I'm proud to call you a fellow new yorker. Lol. Add fresh garlic its phenomenal I did yours but I like to add a spin and it makes it that much better. Love bro keep it going. I'm Def a fan

  • Nahh bro the ock seasons the meat first

  • How the freak can you be such a simp

  • Chopped cheese: the ocky way

  • In the eternal words of J Kenji Lopez Alt, this Sandwich is held together by nothing but Hope and American Cheese

  • We had those in south philly for decades. It's called a cheese burger hoagie!

  • as someone who lives in a small town in denmark i appreciate recipes to bread that comes from america, because i promice you we dont have submarine rolls here

  • homemade Big Mac sauce! Pickle and salt&vinegar chips on the side, with a big cherry coke


  • I would put pickles on that.

  • Desperately try to acquire and demolish.

  • In Rochester we just call em cheeseburger subs. And we like to douse them in boss sauce.


  • The way he said beefy juices is the same way Jeremy clarkson says baby jesus

  • 🔥🔥

  • should’ve rolled the sandwich in the wrap b4 then cut it so all the ingredients stay packed in there

  • If you’re chopping the patties, why not use ground beef from the start? It would be less expensive and more environmentally friendly.

  • The Bodega by me uses Lowreys seasoning salt. Just saying

  • I have yet to see you create anything that didn't look absolutely delicious and this is no exception my friend.

  • As a non-native New Yorker, I'm assuming this is New York's version of a Philly cheesesteak?

  • I've never tried one of these and I really want to now.

  • Soooo a philly cheesesteak


  • so it's basically a worse version of a cheesesteak.

    • Nah that’s what I thought, and then I actually tried one. I hate to say it, but these are just better

  • Just made this on my black stone and it was absolutely incredible.

  • Not really my kind of thing, but an interesting video regardless. Thanks for all effort you put in Babish. I appreciate it greatly. :)

  • "It clocks in just shy of about 10" long, Not that That matters. I'm just being overly thorough." - Babish.

  • 👍🏾

  • Almost perfect but you gotta use white sauce instead of mayo, way better imo as a New Yorker.

  • Its fun for them. Oh my. Haha

  • Don't wana be that guy but i'm pretty sure the directions in the recipe link are missing steps/information.

  • "Give them a little spin because it's fun for them" hahahahaha

  • So this became super easy, barely an inconvenience!

  • I do find myself at an intersection of crazy and empty, never bored.

  • "put our own foodie hipster spin on" oooooh Andrew shading himself!

  • “Yeah uhhh let me get a chopped cheese, a pack of swishers and put the rest in pump 4.”

  • It puts a tear in my eye that you say hero and not sub or hoagie.

  • 2:06 "And to top your home baked bread with a little zass to it, make your girlfriend dance in front of those freshly baked goods while you record the entire session without her consent so you can blackmail her into marrying you as this really gives some unique flavour to those golden loafs"

  • I've been wondering what to do with all the diastatic malt powder I have laying around!

  • American cheese? Dang

  • Bruh this is the hipster version of a chopped cheese

  • I dont know, I feel like you could use more cheese....

  • So it’s a big fast food burger on a sub roll.

  • Always wrap your homemade sandwiches people. It keeps the sandwich together and the compression squeezes all those juices to distribute flavor throughout

  • one piece related?

  • No Arizona?! Babish you buggin b.

  • While the sandwich you bought looked delicious it paled in comparison to the sandwich you made.

  • No bev

  • Babish: I would simply try to imitate it and respect the original version by not trying condescendingly "improve" it. Joshua: *angry sounds*

  • The xylophone playing in the background with Jess dancing has me dying lmayooo 😭💀

  • The Babish shake... It's how you know it's delectable and portable after taking a bite

  • I'll just have the burger, the rest seems pointless for the sake of being pointless

  • Got to be honest, the idea of the sandwich looks absolutely disgusting... You did a great job though, I guess

  • "Why have a cheese-it when you can have a cheese-THEM?"

  • Just chop it tf

  • We made this earlier this week and I can understand why you made it multiple times soon after.

  • I need a gravy joe

  • i feel you forgot Issac Toups advice on searing your ground beef here

  • babish measured a piece of bread before making it, if he’s not a virgo i’ll eat a cheese sandwich with gruyere cheese in the heart of harlem

  • Eww nasty

  • He forgot the bev

  • I had an ad with babish in it before the vid

  • This man can be sponsored by any company on earth at this point

  • My man gets sponsored by cheezits

  • "not that that matters just being over-thorough" lololol

  • Already terrified of the NYC sandwich mob coming after me for this but as a non-American I have to ask. Why not just use ground beef instead of burgers?

    • @Albanian Urban that's exactly why I would think to use ground beef haha. Thanks though :)

    • You can, the burger patties just make the process easier

  • Ayo can I get a chopped cheese and don't forget the bev

  • Nah it’s not sitting right w me

  • i really gotta get a cast iron skillet

  • This is literally just a deformed hamburger

  • NYC Classic !

  • the lack of Desus Or Mero in this video is upsetting

  • You sell out with cheez its!#$$%

  • Do Candy Pie by The Aquabats

  • Unk out here making chopped cheese

  • You don’t proof your yeast?

  • 4 rolls of bread, 4 chopped cheeses. Make perfect sense.

  • Just put the bowl over the dough on the counter top, no need to waste cling film!

  • Who else here can’t get enough of cheez it snaps ?

  • 0:07 That.. that reaction's just so fake, I'm sorry- I know nobody asked.

  • Not to diss the sandwich but it’s just essentially a cheeseburger on a sub/hero bun… sad

  • ..... Perfect. A beautiful true to NYC chopped cheese. Ty. You've done it perfect justice.

  • I’ve only ever heard of these as cheeseburger subs…who knew.

  • Kaiser roll? Are you talking about a sling roll. If u get it u have a great taste in movies

  • The water you used for the bread looked a little milky, is that normal?

  • Its not called a chimmy churi

  • So... a better philly cheesesteak?