Binging with Babish: Sloppy Steaks from I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson

Birt 27 júl 2021
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This week we're channeling the Always Sunny "milk steak" as we fancy up an outlandish gastronomic gag from the brilliant and jarring I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson. Our hero, who used to be a piece of sh*t, gleefully recalls post-club evenings spent at Truffani's with a big rare cut of beef and a glass of water. Let this be a warning to all film & television creators: if you put food in your thing, I will make it.


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    • Why do your pinned comments always confuse me

    • I got an advertisement with you in it.

    • They came from under the ground and from all over!

    • what if you poured the puree into a baggy and pipe it into the bottle?

    • Bimbish! Ziploc baggie! Dump your wasabi mix into it, cut off a tiny corner, load up your tiny squeeze bottle. Kitchen basics bro, kitchen basics!

  • He did it

  • Okay. So cutting off the corner of a sandwich bag and using that squirt the wasabi into that bottle never crossed your mind?

  • You're better than that! lol put the sauce in a bag and pipe it into the tiny bottle.

  • didn’t know shabushabu was used globally

  • Yea ok

  • LETS SLOP'EM UP!!!!!!!!

  • Next time with the tiny bottle just cut the corner off a ziploc and pipe it in like feosting

  • I genuinely want sloppy shabu now.

  • but this isnt sloppy steaks?

  • I'll take the T-bone in water. The Babish version is a little too exotic for me. And A5 Wagyu is only like 25% tastier than other kinds of steak when prepared with the same level of skill and care.

  • Lol. Put the wasabi into a small plastic bag, cut a small pice from the corner and "pipe" it into the tiny bottle.

  • After seeing this video, I'm convinced that people can change

  • 4:15 - You couldn't put it in a ziplock bag, cut a small piece of the corner of the bag, and squeeze it into the bottle like you were using a pastry bag?

  • for transferring the wasabi puree you could use a ziplock bag and cut a hole in the tip like you would a pastry bag

  • YakiNIKU grill. YakiTORI refers to grilled and skewered meet, usually over a propane grill. YakiNIKU is grilled meat. Americans always get it wrong 😑

  • Should have put the wasabi in a piping bag and squeezed it in

  • That steak cost as much as a ps5 jesus christ

  • Thank you so much for this haha

  • I remember finding your channel at less than 10k subs If only you could make money being a ISprofile talent scout. I'd be a billionaire with all the dudes I find

  • I better be tasting that steak in my dreams for weeks after eating it. $500!!!

  • Mmmmm slop

  • Babish might be bald... But I bet if he had hair, it would slick back real nice.

  • Next time you need to put something in a bottle and don't have a funnel, fill up a square sandwich bag and cut one of the corners

  • No chicken spaghetti at Chickalini's?

  • Remember everyone, write in to Spectrum, listing your grievances about them canceling Corncob Tv!

  • You have the prettiest watches


  • People can change

  • could have put the sauce in a sandwich bag and cut out the corner to make a funnel

  • This was so indulgent just to watch.

  • If you run into the no small enough funnels available maybe try a piping bag?

  • "Because we couldn't find a funnel small enough for the job. " Mate... a bit of baking paper rolled into a cone would have saved you so many hours!

  • Could've used paper for that funnel


  • This went from babish to food wars in less then 5 minutes.

  • S9 E6 bobs 🍔 burgers: roamin bob-iday shows a sandwich shop that serves 77 sandwiches and the owner has to make all 77 in 40 minutes (with the help of Bob, clearly). I think you should take this challenge on by yourself 🤷‍♂️

  • Can you make Neptunian Slug from Futurama

  • Babbish I noticed a couple really racist ads on your vids night wanna do something about that

  • Wrong, steak was supposed to be rare.

  • I will buy one of those steaks one day...

  • I love how babish went from a simple salt and pepper steak with some water to some weird leaves and spices I have never heard of

  • Next time, use a ziplock bag to fill the bottle. Fill up the bag, snip the corner, fill bottle.

  • Why would you not use a piping bag to put that in the bottle

  • This video needs some Paul Bufano background music.

  • Dont worry, its a tax write off

  • Doing that to a steak means you officially can no longer get into foodie heaven. Such a beautiful cut off steak, don't disgrace it so.

  • A medicine syringe would work well to get the wasabi into a tiny bottle. You can get them at any store in the baby medicine section.

  • Can't believe I've been watching Andy long enough to see him eat f*cking gold

  • Should try out a TC top from TC tuggers.

  • To properly put your sauce and a small squeeze bottle you lay down a piece of parchment paper with your plastic wrap form a funnel like a piping bag.

  • You could have put the wasabi into a big squeeze bottle and then squeezed it into the smaller bottle

  • Can you make a video just explaining the 24 carrot gold because I was watching out loud and a friend of mine got confused at its existence and I couldn't explain it to him

  • Ugh I want that

  • insert Dumbledore golf clap gif here.

  • 1:22 - 1:30 that’s what she said

  • Why didn't you make a pastry bag out of wax paper or parchment for your wasabi? Also you can see people walking around in the reflection on the oven. Keep up the great work!

  • I feel like that was fast

  • This was breathtakingly impressive!

  • Dangerous nights baby

  • Can you do the food from Craig of the Creek’s Afternoon Snackdown?

  • I would have called that juice stuff "gravy"

  • PLEASE do the Steaktanic from Happy Endings!!

  • I wouldn't call it sloppy shabu that could be twisted to mean something reaaaal nasty in Japanese 😂

  • You can't pronounce saucepan like that while making sloppy steaks

  • I kept waiting for him to drop some truffle infused something.

  • never cooking that in my life

  • Thanks Babby fir listening to your fans! Let's see a Chuck Cherry salad next! They say it's healthy but with that much ground chuck and that much cherry...I don't know.

  • Shabu Steaks. This one looked so fun to make somehow??? You almost make me wanna try... EDIT: Also, a thot on the original sloppy steaks recipe. Maybe the steaks had some sort of dry rub or something on it? So when the hot steak was hit with water, it'd make a sort of psudo sauce or broth that you could dip the steak in and add more to the meat? I'd think that'd be a cool thing to try out (for anyone interested in trying this), as I know one of the things I like in my meats is covering it all up with flavorful broths, glazes and sauces.

  • I just got a babish ad on a babish video

  • What I pay: $1000 What I get: smol

  • How did you turn steak and water into a 100$ steak dish?

  • Wow so attainable

  • Did he say "saucepan" weird at 2:32

  • I will have what he is eating.

  • black garlic is not fermented, 0/10

  • Could've just piped the wasabi paste with some Saran wrap into the bottle....

  • can i call you daddy

  • 2:21 could it be

  • This is probably the most creative and luxurious thing I’ve ever seen you do from inspiration to finished product. Let me finish chicken of the sea and crackers in peace.

  • I am more into simple rustic food not that hollywood parisian or what ever city super expensive gourmet food

  • Why didn’t he use a plastic bag as a piping bag with a tiny hole to get the purée into the tiny bottle?

  • bite sized pieces.... are you assuming i cant fit that in my mouth?

  • I'm worried your baking sheets think people can't change.

  • And we have children starving to death. I didn't expect to be Debbie Downer but looking at the evac of Kabul this saddens me. First because I really enjoyed this episode and then my personal guilt at not paying attention to the rest of the world. Don't get me wrong. These delightful shows help me keep going on. And I am aware how incredibly lucky so many of us are and how incredibly unlucky so many people just like us are. Please keep on keeping on but please have a thought or two about how incredibly lucky we are. 🙏😎

  • Babish ad on a babish video⁉️‼️⁉️⁉️😳😳😳😳

  • This is a war crime.


  • "Let's drown a steak in water and then when we're done we're doing something completely different."

  • He got carried away again.

  • "its sloppy shabu" thank you babish :')

  • Sounds like it was Not too shabu


  • Aye man. Next time you can't find a funnel to get your sauce into the squeeze bottle: set up a piping bag with your smallest pastry tip, put the Wasabi sauce in the pastry bag, and pipe it into the squeeze bottle.

  • I wish I could afford to make this.

  • Pro tip I learnt in the kitchen: use a piping bag to fill bottles with dense sauces and other things. Much faster and less mess

    • Or at home, you can use a quart bag, and cut off a corner, because i never have piping bags

  • maybe use a ziploc bag as a kind of piping bag to fill smaller containers

  • I got your ad on your video lol.

  • Jk love you babish.

  • That’s the kind of stuff you get at a Michelin restaurant after you’ve paid a 1000 dollars, and then you have to get a burger afterwards cuz you’re starving.