Transforming Furikake Gohan from Food Wars! | Anime with Alvin Zhou

Birt 25 júl 2021
On this episode of Anime with Alvin, a legendary dish from Shokugeki no Soma is brought to life! Will it live up to the button-popping hype of its source material?

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  • elite ten, here i come

    • Really hope u can make the karaage lettuce wrap thingy, that's always been my favorite❤❤

    • can you do Oden from one piece

    • Your voice is so nice and buttery

    • Nanii...?

    • @Juensung Kim ChefPK**

  • Loved the vid but the link to the recipe directs to the gotcha pork, not this dish

  • Pork Cutlet Bowl from Yuri on Ice

  • Where’s the recipe? You linked the gotcha pork roast instead…


  • amazing this is really look alike

  • Is there an actual recipe for this? The one in the description leads to the gotcha pork

  • i’m definitely going to make this

  • 3 shokugeki no soma videos in and I love this, subbed

  • Seeing you closing by trying to get every last grain of rice is comporting. Never leave a grain behind

  • Alvin and Babish are two of my favorite YT cooks. It makes me so happy seeing them work together.

  • 3:46 The jiggliest B-roll known to humans

  • this isn't Babish

  • How can you eat somthing like this, while not removing the barcode sticker on your eating utensil.

  • Saw food wars and instantly lower my volume

  • Alvin is so gentle compared to Andrew. That was very wholesome.

  • what is the thing he poured after the sake? 1:41

  • In case you people are uneducated this is Alvin zhou giant food man

  • I want this man to do all the recipes from this show

  • I would have shredded the wing meat and top in the whole thing.

  • I did it! Used this recipe and it was INCREDIBLE

  • Bowl soc approved

  • Alvin

  • It's time lapsed, but I'm curious - about how long did it take the jiggly reduction to melt into the rice?

  • no orgasam 0/10 dish

  • Your clothes didn't burst 0/10 dish

  • is babish going to be the disney of the food video community

  • didn’t realize this wasn’t babish

  • This dish is the most memorable one in the entire anime in my opinion

  • I really hope this keeps going

  • I feel like my clothes was gonna explode just watching this

  • Now make a bento!

  • I’m obsessed. This is the ISprofile series I needed.

  • “Mmm. I *like* this…” is literally the furthest from a Shokugeki No Soma food reaction that could possibly exist. Like… that was the exact and polar opposite of even the tamest of Food Wars foodgasm reactions. I love Alvin. You know he did that on purpose too.

  • forget the anime; can we talk about how alvin uses his chopsticks D:

  • Alvin's slight awkwardness is lovable and enjoyable. I'm hungry.

  • Does anyone know the name of the song playing in the background?

  • It literally looks like it’s from the show

  • Alvin Alvin Alvin 💜💜💜💜

  • Can we have the old angle for alvin back its weird to see babish style alvin

    • I was wrong this is fuvking mint👌🏽

  • I know not anime, but what meals are you liking from Midnight Dinner from Netflix?

  • How can you not love Alvin

  • This reminds me of the intergalactic cable episodes of Rick & Morty

  • why

  • That chopstick skill at the end 😑

  • The recipe link in the description keeps bringing me to the Gotcha Roast. Maybe it might just be me but anyone know where I could get written down recipe for this? 😅

  • When did this became a trend? The show ended last year or is my brain tricking me

  • This was fun to watch, I like this series!

  • It actually transforms! I want to try it so bad lol

  • Can't find the recipe for this and it's devastating. The link in the description just takes me to the Gotcha Pork T.T

  • Food Wars is great and all but have you heard of Sweetness and Lightning? Laid Back Camp?????

  • Alvin is hilarious

  • You will NEVER be babish

  • 2:12

  • yess😫 i have been asking for a food war episode for so long🧡‼️


  • It's amazing that Erina used the same method in season 4

  • I can’t wait for more episodes 😍😍😍

  • Am I the only one that thinks all of these Japanese and Korean egg and rice dishes look absolutely disgusting and there's no way they're worth the effort?

  • I hope you guys make more food wars foods...they are so delicious looking 😋

  • Alvin is a great new element to the BCU.. Glad to see him here enjoying himself

  • Instructors unclear didn’t see you go bare chested

  • The one dish I’ve been waiting for

  • This is the best way I have seen this done on ISprofile.

  • 1:02 I'm not sure uncle Roger like this, did u wash the chicken first? Or is already hygiene?

  • Does anyone know how to find the recipe? the link takes you to a different food and I can’t find it on the website.

  • Give me every food wars dish please.

  • Really wish I could find the recipe for this

  • Why sear the chicken wings to a GBd (Golden Brown Delicious) state if your just going to sogify them by adding liquid this is a MAJOR Pet Peeve of mind and u may say it to build flavor but seem like wasted time and effort

    • Your supposed to use cooked chicken for many types of chicken broth.

  • this collab is legit amazing

  • How are frying on a sesame oil. Isn't it gonna be bitter as a mf?

  • I'm so glad youre on this channel and I hope you stay!!

  • "I am slowly waddling off screen" amazing

  • I didn't know you joined the BCU. Welcome.

  • I really enjoy Alvin's content on the Tasty channel, so it was quite a pleasure to watch him here on the Babish channel :D

  • Audio quality needs improvement

  • Pretty sure exploding clothes are a main part of Shokugeki No Soma... Saving this to the list of foods to try make.

  • Yess more Anime with Alvin :D

  • The chicken fond Alvin… THE CHICKEN FOND!!!

  • What a heartbreaking attempt at humor

  • This is like if Zefrank got into cooking instead of wildlife.

  • watching through this show right now this dish was when i knew that i would enjoy it

  • I love Alvin

  • link leads to Gotcha Pork Roast, is there a link to the recipe transcribed anywhere?

  • His power is growing.......

  • Hiring Alvin was probably the best decision you ever made.

  • The opening clips to all these episodes always remind me why I don't like anime.

  • Where's the recipe? The one in the description links to another dish :(

  • 0:37 "Just kidding, I have friends." and I took that personally.

  • He’s a coward for not showing the scene where she eats it

  • The end where you are picking up the individual rice that is so me haha I have such ocd with spilled rice

  • i too love this addition to the BCU

  • I've promised so many people that I'm not weird. Don't trust me. PS: Dude you are so freakin adorable. Great job.

  • ahh yes the trademark "fail first" of buzzfeed experimental food

  • Comedy with Alvin


  • Nick Miller’s Sauce from New Girl

  • "That's a different kind of anime." Couldn't be more wrong

  • Yes! I've made quite a few Food Wars dishes and I'm looking forward to more. I want to make this one.

  • If the soup geletin just melts into the dish, why does it need to be perfectly set to begin with?