Gluten-Free Pasta | Basics with Babish

Birt 10 jún 2021
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Today, for our gluten-intolerant/averse friends, we're taking a look at the most life-affirming of foods: pasta. With the help of kitchen producer Kendall Beach, we've got a gluten-free fresh pasta recipe that tastes, looks, feels, smells, and sounds like the real thing!


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  • Can we have more gluten free videos please ❤️❤️❤️ this one made my lil celiac heart so happy

  • I prefer the Jovial brand to Pasta Joy. It is amazing in every way and I cannot recommend it highly enough. But I am so happy that you are doing gluten-free episodes! There are so many of us out here that really have to search to find flavorful and well-made gluten-free products, and making them sure would be a big help. Thank you!

  • Lol, what took me two years of cooking and baking Babish does in one episode. Literally use the same recipe for my Fiance's GF pastas. Although for her mac'n'cheese I make penne and use a touch of arrowroot starch to give it a springy texture.

  • I would love love love to see more gluten-free episodes please!

  • more gluten free dairy free content pls

  • Can you pleeease do GF pizza dough? Naples style

  • Vegan gluten free pizza one!

  • I just wonder if you can make flour out of rice and mix it with corn flour as well. maybe the outcome would be much better.

  • Do Candy Pie by The Aquabats

  • adding a bit of fine ground chickpea flour or whey protein powder would help give even better results , since gluten is a protein

  • Suggestions to make a video for gluten free deserts 🙏🏻

  • I love that someone with a big cooking channel finally made a gluten free video 🙏🏻 been gluten free for so many years & I miss pasta & donuts the most thanks for the video

  • Pleaaaaaaase do more gluten free ones! I was diagnosed with celiacs 12 years ago so I'm just starting to voyage into baking and making my own gluten free versions of popular foods I miss.

  • gluten is an empty calorie anyway, people should be trying this just to try it lol

  • It's a great Pasta recipe. Thank you for awesome work.

  • Everything about this makes me happy.... EXCEPT: ounces??? If the viewer can measure ounces they can sure as heck measure grams, the only way I think about cooking measurements.

  • Need to have a GFF night soon

  • Are we gonna talk about that garlic slicer? That was a fun gadget!

  • Thank you so much for this i’m gluten free and never attempted to make gf pasta. I will now!

  • discovered a few months ago that gluten makes me sicker than a dog. this video is a LIFESAVER.

  • Ive been diagnosed with ciliac for four years now and have always loved watching your videos but for the most part couldn't do them but with this I can finally do some of them and also it makes me really happy to see you doing this

  • simple solution: don’t be glucose intolerant:)) this, is a joke. jokes are not real. jokes are meant to be funny.

  • My girlfriend has celiacs, and I showed this to her because I had never seen anyone even try to make it successfully. Thank you.

  • i have a gluten allergy and this is so helpful

  • We need more gluten free videos!!

  • Thank you for this banish! My girlfriend is gluten intolerant, so this is perfect!

  • Can you make the pasta from the new Pixar movie Luca?

  • Pasta joy is 10/10. Saying it is indistinguishable is doing it a disservice though. It is it’s only thing, in my opinion. It has it’s own texture that is unique to it. It’s very smooth (unlike many gluten free products), chewier, and has a flavor that is distinct from wheat pasta or vermicelli noodles. I have been eating it most of my life and I prefer it to gluten counterparts

  • I’m late to the party! But I have very sensitive skin and a scalp with plaque psoriasis that spikes hardcore to things like gluten 😒 So I try to stay off of it and it’s such a relief to see someone who makes kickass meals actually make some gluten free noodles that look like hair from the angles, ambrosia of the gods- that’s not something you just find!

  • I was hoping for different flour bases, like black soy, red lentil, etc. for the pasta. Different taste profiles rather than make an imitation pasta.

  • This makes me want to cry. How wonderful

  • Hey Babish, you can check out the recipe for iddi-appam, a type of rice noodle. It is a staple in south India and could probably taste close to real pasta. Its generally eaten with a stew or fresh coconut milk. It is made by slowly adding rice flour to lukewarm water and letting it rest for sometime. The rice flour is lightly roasted so that the noodles arent as sticky. After the dough as cooled, it is extruded through this hand pressed machine in circles(just like you nestle your pasta) and steamed for 10 mins....but do check out an authentic recipe!

  • I just watch him whean i eat


  • It is funny that he expects us to believe that that is the episode number

  • PLEASE do gluten free bread! My family has been struggling to get something that doesn't just crumble immediately and actually rises well

  • Please do pasta from Luca (Disney movie) the movie is wonderful and the detail on the pasta looks absolutely ridiculous.

  • Can you PLEASE make egg in the hole from the meddler

  • *This is so cool to stumble upon because I was born with Celiac Disease and love the food I’m limited to!!!*

  • Speaking of pasta can you make trenette al pesto from Luca?

  • Day 40 of asking babish for Big Smoke's Order.

  • Gluten intolerant people are forced to do what we all really should be doing anyways

  • Would you ever do keto recipes? I’d love to see how you would tackle a keto fried chicken recipe, be it nuggets or a half chicken

  • Thank you SO much for making this video! I can make your pasta recipes now!

  • Awesome to finally see a gf episode

  • I've literally just been put on a low FODMAP diet to try to diagnose some of my digestive issues, and was feeling very overwhelmed by all the changes I needed to make to my diet -- thank you for the no-nonsense approach to creating tasty alternatives to the things I'm used to eating! (I'll have to omit the garlic, but I've been told garlic-infused olive oil isn't problematic -- somehow? -- so I can still get that flavour!)

  • this deserves more views

  • This looks amazing! Thank you so much for this delicious recipe!

  • Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you so much for doing a gluten-free one it’s so hard to adapt recipes to gluten free food and knowing it comes from here it has to be amazing I can’t wait to try it

  • butter should not be mixed with spaghetti

  • I would love see you do a series for gluten food meal and I'm shore I'm not the only one. keep up with the great videos and nice work as always

  • If we're already talking about gluten-free pasta. How come there a basically no vegetarian oder vegan recipes on this show?

  • Me and other celiac afflicted thank you from the deepest pits of our stomach

  • Please start a gluten free series!!

  • Loveeee the Tinkyada Pasta Joy brand noodles!

  • Babish is doing something gluten free? nani?!?!?! as someone who's allergic to gluten, I tip my hat to you, my friend. thank you

  • Would you ever consider or have you eber considered doing a basics on dry aged meat

  • Love the gluten free recepie, looking forwoard for more 🙂

  • Thank you Andrew! I was diagnosed with celiac three years ago and the gluten free content is super appreciated!!

  • thank you for the gluten free recipe! I'm allergic to gluten so I'm always looking for more gf recipes, especially since gf flours are so complicated and variable


  • Do I smell a gluten free series?

  • Thank you for this video

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  • 4:21 suhtehpin

  • So happy to have a GF recipe on this channel!

  • Make some Birria quesadillas

  • Hi I’m an individual who is living with severe Chron’s disease and I wanted to know if you could make a video about making a few anti-inflammatory dishes that are not so boring and sad. My relationship with food has been devastated and there are not a lot of things I can safely enjoy that also taste great. Wondering if you could work your babish magic on this sad diet. You could literally be a life saver 🤗

  • serious question: do you have a recipe for homemade eel sauce? if not, would you be interested in/willing to research it and show us how to make it for homemade sushi? not sure if you’ve covered Eel Sauce already, or if you feel it would be worth a video. but i find myself asking local sushi restaurants for “8 sides of eel sauce” a la carte to complete my homemade rolls. love you babs

  • Binging with babish more like cringing with babish eh eh eh eh eh eh eh I'm sorry

  • I pretty much just stick with gnocchi now since it's already got potato in it. It's the closest pasta that tastes normal.

  • I have celiac and was so excited to see this in my subscription box. My previous attempts at making gf pasta have been pretty profound failures so i’m stoked to give your recipe a shot! The gf solidarity is much appreciated :)

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  • Thank you. My mother-in-law and I have a gluten intolerance. This will help us greatly.

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  • Your the luckiest man alive.

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