Smash Burgers | Basics with Babish

Birt 2 sep 2021
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This week on Basics we're making the beloved smash burger and a riff on the mint mojito.


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  • My mom and sister just bought me the same mixer for my birthday. Wooooo buddy. Its on now Babs

  • El pan medio choto

  • So you have at least 2 Rolexs

  • Am I the only one bothered by the background music?

  • Satanic Star???

  • Wagyu beef burger? Mayhaps?

  • Plastic LTO

  • I like Babish, but is it really Basics if you gotta go through all the effort of making your buns and grinding your meat for burgers. Was hoping for some more technique.

  • making the bun just hits different

  • Make food from One Piece!

  • Meat always on top and salad always on bottom.

  • Ooh, someone upgraded to the 600 series.

  • Satanic star to summon the beast. Subbing just for that line! LOL

  • That dry-aged flavor better not come anywhere near my sweet, innocent buns!

  • What is the gray color on sirloin?

  • Dont smash your mint!!! Gently muddle the mint or you will release the chlorophyll and it will taste bitter and earthy.

  • That comment about the star caught me off guard.

  • I love the fact you changed your choice of Rolex during this video too. Don't think we didn't see that one. Nice.

  • 2:42 "i have a selection of beefs here" hahahaha the plural "beefs" got me

  • If you're not summoning the beast when you're cooking, you're doing itnwrongy

  • you should make the california cheeseburger from the simpsons

  • What does your day to day diet look like? I struggle with weight, and for a chef, you seem to do well.

    • i think he made a video about this with one of those magazine channels a while aho. if you search what i eat in a day binging with babish you should be able to find it!

  • Does it upset anyone else that the plural of beef is beeves

  • Summon the beast 🤣🤣

  • I've been getting in to smash burgers lately and I have to say I am in love. Make sure that bun in nice and butter toasted and I like to make very thinly sliced onions and put them on top of one of the burgers after the smash.

  • Probably gonna make Babish cringe, but I love smash burgers on focaccia. I'm even learning how to make my own focaccia so I can have it more often (and with garlic. SO. MUCH. GARLIC.)

    • That sounds like it would taste great, as long as it's soft enough. Don't want to squeeze out the burger when you bite down...

  • 6:38 this is how we summon the burger demon

  • anyone know the outro music? Its not in the description that is a different song

  • perfect burger

  • I love the burgers and the burger knowledge but I have to comment on the overblown highlights It’s far too jarring and bright and white

  • Yumm 😋

  • Andrew... Dawg... I love you but... This isn't basic!

  • Satanic star to summon the beast.... I eat enough of those burgers and I'll be summoning something

  • recipe buns?

  • Are we gonna just ignore the “special sauce in the shape of a satanic star to summon the beast” 😂

  • Satanic star ... not very funny.

  • Aren't you supposed to smash onions into them? Otherwise they be just a flat burger.

  • That end result though. My goodness. Perfect proportions and looking delicious with a yummy drink to go with it. Gordon Ramsay could learn a lot from you.

  • How don't you know how to hold a fork properly?

  • I don't know if anyone at your wonderful channel/company goes back to read comments this long after the video has been posted, but I would like to suggest that "new hotness" is a MIIB, Men In Black II reference. I was far too lazy to read all the comments so I may not be first say this. I didn't see any from what I did get through. Thank you.

  • I sadly got hit by Hurricane Ida and did not get to enjoy my Labor Day weekend.

  • no

  • Had to stop the Video to say. GIN MOJITO!?! What? WHAT? Where has this been all my life?

  • Wearing two of the most sought-after Rollie's in the same vid? That's a big flex.

  • I find it curious that he switches between metric and imperial measurements. Grams then Fahrenheit…

  • Where's George Motz?

  • Hey babish is it possible for you to make a impossible whopper?

  • awesome stuff


  • I’m not convinced that the eye round *wasn’t* pork

  • There are not many videos that can make my mouth water for something else while I'm stuffing my face with pizza, but this managed to do it.

  • we need a babish smashula!

  • Barbeques with this guy must be legendary

  • Gin is funny because it is drank both by rich east coasters and dirt poor West Coasters

  • I wanna see a miniseries of just burgers, call it Burgers With Babish.

  • Catch me outside Babish, try and stop me from mixing seasons in my beef playa.

  • ✨burgarian context✨

  • Why not season the meat before cooking it?

  • And the rush to E-Bay to buy Babish's old stand mixer begins~

  • My burger mix is sirloin, chuck and short ribs!

  • Instructions unclear, burger is wavedashing and spamming shine and im scared

  • Gin Mojito? Don't you mean Gin Rickey?

  • You forgot grilled onions, the most important ingredient.

  • What I like to do is to make the beef into a kebab meat mince (mince meat with spices, eggs, onions, garlic and ginger). Fry the mince on a pan. You get flavourful burgers and juicy patties

  • But why would you put the burgers right ontop of the bun making the bun soggy

    • after a while

  • where’s the satanic beast

  • Any sensible reason Americans feel the need to put cheese on everything they eat?

    • It's like the French putting a handful of butter into everything. It makes it better.

  • Spitting out meat is a crime

  • Could i use potato starch, instead of flaked potato, which is hard to get here?

  • All my Burgers saucers are now getting applied in a Satanic star. Burgers with the beast. What Could go wrong?

  • No matter how many times you show me how to make burger buns I will never make them and I apologize for that

  • Pls do sanji cuisine de la carte

  • Babby why don't we season the meat before grilling? Not that I uh do that or anything right now..

  • imagine making a Satanic circle on your burger as a joke and accidentally summoning Ronald McDonald

  • As Patrick would say, "Oh, boy 3 A.M.!"

  • Smashburgers? *George Motz has entered the chat*

  • This, hands down, is the best way to make a burger. There's no reason to make them any thicker than this.

  • Gonna be honest, I'd rather have you take a stab at their smash fries. The seasoning on those are crazy

  • There is nothing basic about this Babish, that's a gentrified smash burger

  • Amazing chef. *holds cutlery like a child*

  • pls fix the capitalization in the title or else i will cry :(

  • I've been a Babish viewer for years now and I can proudly say all these lessons in cooking have amounted to [redacted]

    • What bit is this

    • I haven't been a fan quite as long, but I can say that what I learned resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED].

  • "But if for some reason you wanna make it yourself" Babish calling himself out I see.

  • what happend to ur nail polish

  • I'm around 90% sure that that eye of round came from either a pork or a weird pork-cow hybrid.

  • And now hand it over!

  • This man is so pretentious about which part of the cow he eats. So annoying.

  • HAPPY birthday

  • Happy Birthday Babish

  • Hail Burger Sauce!🔥👹

  • That's is a pentagram, it have absolutely nothing to do with Satan like at all, it have been used by many religions through out history notably the Wiccan religion, but also Christianity as a symbol for the five virtues and five wounds of Jesus, nothing to do with Satan, the same goes for the upside down cross know as the Saint peters cross.... Smh Babish. But that's a tasty looking burger.

  • You read my mind!! Been looking all over the internet for a video about what cuts of beef make the best burgers! Very keen to try out your ratios. Thanks for the clear explanations 🙏🏽

  • Anyone else want him to make scooby snacks????

  • Yeah, i watched this while eating a quarter pounder from our local burger stand...hehe.

  • What about Aviation Gin ?

  • Dude can I can out with you while you do this? Maybe some kind of fan giveaway.

  • You had me at “Smash” because I knew burgers would follow

  • Hey Babish got another simpsons recommendation for you season 26 episode 13 walking big and tall the snacks that they served in Homer's support group big is beautiful.

  • commenting this everytime i remember. Can you PLEASE turn your stand mixer the other direction so we can see what speed you have stuff on!!!

  • Do the ‘Moist-Maker’ Ultimate Thanksgiving Sandwich from Friends! S5E9! 😋