Jerk Chicken | Basics with Babish

Birt 29 júl 2021
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  • Caribbean person here. I would add that you want to eat the plantains fresh, so those should probably be cooked right before the chicken is done. plantains that have been sitting around for more than half an hour are no bueno.

  • When paying to join what extras do I get?

  • Rice needed to be shelly... rice and peas too watery

  • Gloves up, handles cut exposed pepper with no gloves. My husband used to come home with demon hands! ;p

  • Goya is sold in the states and they sell gandules (pigeon peas)

  • Epic man!

  • The die immediately comment about the juice from a scotch bonnet going into your eye sent me hahaha

  • Ainsley Voice: Yeaaaaaa Boiiii.

  • wait...WAIT!...all spice is ONE thing?

  • Chokin da chickin, humpin da horse

  • So much tyme!🤣🤣

  • This is a great recipe and my friends went crazy for it when I served it to them. I barbecued mine over lump charcoal in my kamado style barbecue. Delicious!

  • I got some anxiety when Andrew handled that banana looking-like thing with bare hands.. I mean.. BANANAS

  • I am Jamaican and i approve :O

  • I heard BBQ made in Europe instead of made in your oven and I agree with that more for some reason

  • Hermes from futurama would approve

  • Thank you for this video. You did the meal justice. I prefer ripe plantains with my rice and peas and chicken. But you did the cuisine justice. Big up yuhself. 🇯🇲


  • You missed the safety thing about spicy things. Always go to the toilet beforehand tis a safety lesson every chef learns this once, twice such a person has issues.

  • You guys must love Babish too much 👀

  • Anybody who wants to know... pigeon peas can be found at almost any Latin Market, or the Latin aisle of your supermarket. Also called gandules. And now I'm hungry.

  • Only things I would say is that the peas should be boiled for awhile before putting the rice in, just so they can soften otherwise the texture isn’t always the best, also letting the rice soak with just the peas after to get some colour, then putting in the scotch bonnet etc, also I’ve never really seen plantain(plan-tin🙃)fried like that normally it’s sliced more diagonal and thinner but other then that everything was 👌🏽 do a curry goat and fried dumplings video next, maybe even patties🙌🏽

  • this reminds me of that one guy who said "He he boi"


  • Can see that you did your research before making this video. Next time when you cooking any Jamaican food please washing your meat but i will make it slide this time. I give you a 8/10 not bad

    • @Jamel Mitchell you the one splashing salmonella all over the place

    • @sara1122 nasty you nasty that's you bout thts silly

    • You shouldn't wash chicken thats silly

  • I wish the rice wasn’t so “soaked” but appreciated the chicken and plantain

  • Wait so you can eat plantains but not bananas??

  • bruh you live in NYC you can find pigeon peas literally everywhere, also its "PLAN-tin"

  • You made tostones. Probably should have used yellow plantains. Other than that 👍🏾

  • So wait, you're allegedly allergic to bananas, but plantains are fine? Are you _super sure_ it was the bananas you reacted to?

  • Hehe Boi

  • I like that he didn’t use the gloves the second time 🙆‍♂️

  • Looks yummy!!

  • Can someone recommend the temp and time of cooking if I want to try in an oven?

  • Love it ❤

  • I love tostones!!

  • he made patacones the right way 👀

  • this took a lot of THYME!!! im sorry, i was dropped as a baby.

  • Leave it to Americans to deep fry plaintains twice.

  • You also could use grace Browning liquid. Very common in Jamaican cooking.

  • Mmmm i want to make it nowww

  • Anybody that approves of that rice, let alone anyone from the West Indies, needs to be taken out back and shot

  • *Hehe boi*

  • Honestly the rice and peas alone looks banging

  • Man has spent thousands of dollars on dishes before but a $1.49 can of pigeon peas from Target is too hard to get.

  • 2:51 No gloves?!?

  • Sweet plantains over tostones with this dish.

  • I’m from Costa Rica, and we always eat this on the Caribbean coast! I genuinely tough this was a Costarican food! I feel so uncultured right now haha

  • Did I just watch a white guy make patacones? Yes, did I enjoy it? Also yes

  • I can't believe you used canned peas instead of waiting 3 hours to boil dry ones to perfection. I approve, but my grandma would tear you a new one, lol

  • Surprised there are no Jamaicans crying “he didn’t wash the chicken”

  • No Ainsley Harriot refrences. Disliked

  • In the Caribbean we pronounce plantain differently so it was interesting hearing plan-tain over what I'm accustomed to which is plan-tin

  • Bumberclarttt proper yard man rude boyyyyy

  • I would have put some lime in that hybrid sauce. But that's just me. The lime at finish would make it a bit too forward for me. I want that incorporated

  • Andrew I love you but pigeon peas are on almost all Spanish food shelves in most chain grocery stores. Not hard to find at all. My heart hurts

  • as a jamaican i approve

  • I didn't even realize that allspice was a berry

  • Nice.

  • Chef Ainsley would be proud.

  • Rice and Peas = Rest in Peace

  • Tostones 🥴

  • Absolutely love that Babish is getting that money but I do miss the times when he'd try to hack things in his tiny apartment kitchen

  • I'm Puerto Rican, and I would LOVE to see you tackle some traditional dishes like pasteles or especially Pastelon; I think you'd love making it.

  • never do this again

  • *Me, summoning the strength of my ancestors before pressing play*

  • Ein Kommentar

  • I feel like you shouldve pronounced it plantain since its a jamaican recipe🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The caucasity

  • Babish you're wrong about pigeon peas being hard to find in the States they're called gondolas and Goya sells them in every supermarket

  • I'm from South Africa and I know where to find pigeon peas in the United States. Guess Andrew only shops at ''certain'' stores.

  • Goya sells pigeon peas? You can get them anywhere they sell Goya products

  • Hehe boi

  • in the rice scene.. uncle Roger left the room..😂😂😂 though gonna try the 🐔🐔🐔

  • I'm hungry

  • The rice was a bit mushy but this is the best I've ever seen a non-Jamaican do so kudos!

  • hehe... boi

  • Even though this looks amazing, I really want a Caribbean grandmother to curse you out and tell you how awful it looks lol

  • worst rice ive ever seen😭

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  • I'd be curious to hear your take on the new Pepper Cannon from Mannkitchen

  • Could I use banana in lieu of plantain?🤔

  • If Uncle roger sees that rice----he gonna flip

  • Pigeon peas are easy to find at most big grocery stores here in New England.

  • 6:16 Patacones with Babish

  • I can change my barbecue temperature with my iphone... the future is now.

  • As a Jamaican, I want to say he’s white washing my culture. Smh, so easy to find pigeon peas dude

  • Add ginger to your spice blend.... Thank me later 👍

  • Nick Miller’s Sauce from New Girl

  • Can you make a video on brown stew chicken?

  • Usually sweet plantains are cooked with Jamaican food btw

  • Man, what's happened with the exposure in the last couple of videos. So much stuff blown out. Can't even see the rice for most of the video.

  • I am soooo hungry now

  • Is it just me or does the color seem off at 5:00? I saw this in a recent episode too, whites seem super overexposed.

  • Nice and hot Hot and spicy Hehe boi

  • Hey Heyyy... Buoyy..!

  • the way you cooked the plantains makes them tostones

  • Heheeee boy

  • Hey Babish, could you make the cuisine in "Welcome to the Sticks"? The only food I've seen there is a "smelly cow cheese", must be delicious just by the smell, but then there's also something called "gu-gu" I think, which may just be big potato chips and that's it, I can't seem to find out what it really is.

    • I remember watching that in my high school French class! I’d love to see him make something from it.

  • Was really hoping you were going to show a clip from Psych