Binging with Babish: Puppy Paw Hash Browns from Genshin Impact

Birt 7 sep 2021
Thanks to Genshin Impact for sponsoring this video. Come explore Inazuma with me in Genshin Impact today:


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  • Never have it crossed my mind to see babish say you can play as raiden shogun and kujou Sara.

  • I'd love to see more genshin foods! especially some of the more complex specials like xingqiu's crystal shrimp and even non-special stuff like jade parcels or golden crab

  • why all the dislikes

  • Lol the way he just spit out the broccoli

  • Wait genshin impact is an actual game? I just assumed it was one of those games made by Tencent that no one plays outside of China

  • yo lets go on a raid bro

  • a collab i never thought id see

  • In the star did he just say teavat

  • "MLT" from Princess Bride!!!!!!! "True love is the greatest thing in the world-except for a nice MLT - mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich, where the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato is ripe."

  • babish genshin impact actually has a ton of sick recipes you should recreate

  • Hello fellow virgo

  • If Babish ever makes Adeptus Temptation or Jade Parcels I will absolutely lose it.

  • make puppy paw hush puppies !!!!!

  • Tried. Couldn't get it into and its constant need for internet makes it wildly unappealing.

  • "Crispy on the outside creamy on the inside" Sir please elaborate? Sir??

  • It sounds so different without music

  • Tomato jam = fancy ketchup

  • This brings me so much joy

  • Xiangling and razor would be proud

  • Don’t play genshin impact

  • Never expected a Genshin sponsorship 🤩

  • No music is giving me being held at gunpoint vibes lol.

  • That is cute and adorable!!!

  • Played this today

  • You seriously should've gone for adeptus' temptation

  • Eat your vegetables Babish!!

  • Is there a way to make suggestions for videos? Or does he just do what he feels like and is sponsored to do?

  • Do spirited away

  • You should totally make the hooty sleeping nettle cookies from Owl house season 2, “knock-knock a knocking at hooty’s door”!!!

  • “Tea vat” 😐 OK


  • I didn't expect Mihoyo to sponsor Babish 😆

  • babish sponsered by genshin feels so strange it's two things I never thought would meet and I'm loving it hahahahah

  • Puppy paw hash browns are my favorite special dish! Razor best boy

  • Oh yeah!

  • All I can say is,Mr. Rea, we love to see you win.

  • Wish they had genshin on xbox

  • More Anime with Aiden food wars, please! I would watch them make every single dish 🤩

  • oh no Babish said Tibet O_O

  • Yaaaaaas babish with genshin food whoaaaa

  • do more genshin impact stuff

  • These looked amazing. Can I use an air fryer for these?

  • itd be really neat if you recreated the foods in psychonauts 2!


  • Genshin Impact is the biggest pile of garbage humanity has ever produced

  • No music? ;-;

  • I don't want to see "genshin impact is just a copy of Zelda BOTW" in the comments

    • Genshin Impact can be an Inspiration of TLOZelda: BOTW.

  • I don't know that I'd call such a thing a hash brown. Nevertheless, this seems clever and delicious.

  • now you gotta check out cooking with valkyries 👀

  • Happy belated my friend!

  • But u posted this on chongyuns birthday

  • Make Big Smokes order!

  • where‘s the hash?

  • Babish just summoned an entire fandom to his channel

  • Never played genshin impact before, but I’m interested

  • Isn't Teyvat pronounced like.. Tay Vat?

  • Can you do Cafe Leblanc’s Curry from Persona 5

  • Make food from One Piece!


  • You could just replace the broccoli with lettuce leaves 🥬 and nothing will be lost. Looks very cute and tasty though. 😋

  • The lack of bgm is slowly making me insane.

  • This just reverted my depression


  • Would totally love to see more Genshin character specialty dishes!

  • Is it just me or is this video quite o don't know why but it seems a lot quieter than the other ones

  • This is terrifying without music

  • A Genshin/Babish addict seeing this in her recommended was like the second coming of Jesus

  • as a razor main- i may have cried a little

  • I'm still thinking about that "crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside, just like- me..." 🤨🤨🤨


  • The furry fandom loves you for this.

  • Tee vatt

  • Now do "Adeptus Temptation"

  • why did it took me a week to find this video???

  • Yall- 1:08📸

  • aaahhhh

  • OMH

  • razor finally getting the love he deserves

  • i was wondering why this video felt off. there's no background music this time o: holy heck the difference it makes

  • sucks that Genshin in bottle necked by the horrible Gacha system they implemented

  • Feels weird with no music in the background :/

  • haha, i loveee my man razor, i want him but i still needa get pity :,) no five stars yet, been playing since kazuhas banner but this is 100% my next anime/game dish, maaking coffee jelly but im either doing these or the mint jelly :)

  • genshin series ?? ?? ? ? ?

  • I know it probably won't happen, but I wanna see him make Almond tofu/sweet dreams

  • did anyone else notice that there was no music in this video lol

  • I'm glad I watched the video I also use razor

  • FINALLY Genshin Impact!

  • I don't feel at home without the music

  • A sponsorship I didn't expect but really enjoyed!

  • U dont know how long iv’e been waiting for this


  • Razor appreciation 🥺

  • i've never clicked a babish video so fast in my life

  • this... caught me completely off guard...

  • Great video. It sounds a little different without music though


  • Babish, I’m literally having a mental breakdown while eating a cheese puff as I watch you make puppy paw hash browns

  • The Puppy Paws are the best dish in the game, fight me.

  • excuse me but why did we get NO PICTURES of the birthday dog???

  • You should do the "Bread sandwich" from Family Guy. The episode where Chris went to italian school.