Tortas Ahogadas in Guadalajara | Pruébalo with Rick Martinez

Birt 29 ágú 2021
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On this episode of Pruébalo, Rick Martinez travels to Guadalajara to try the ultimate torta ahogada. Join Rick as he tries his hand at making this delicious sandwich from scratch.

Rick Martinez, Brad Cash, Andrew Rea, Sawyer Jacobs, Kevin Grosch, Abby Glackin, Emilija Saxe

Sebastian Ortega

Sebastian Ortega

Sebastian Ortega, Brad Cash

Diego Medrano

Local producer:
Gerry Cruz

Camera B:
Juan Chavez

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  • I'm loving the nail polish/apron combo!

  • I'm from jalisco and whenever my grandpa visits he brings us a bunch of those

  • That Market looks like HEAVEN

  • That spot with the dudes in green shirts is fire 🔥🔥 been there twice! Matter of fact its the same dude that served us

  • So... No birote recipe 😅... 😭

  • The production and content of this series is really great, BUT I must object to the constant use of flamenco/Spanish guitar music throughout the shots. This is not Mexican music. They are not the same and using another culture’s soundtrack gives an inaccurate narrative of the soundtrack to these people’s lives that are being featured here. Please ditch the generic flamenco and find some authentic sources of music relevant to the subject matter.

  • I would love this but soggy bread is my arch nemesis 😓

  • I miss this pre-pandemic time.

  • The quality of this show is incredible . Just amazing

  • Choco is a great addition to the animations

  • I rarely comment on videos, but I'm left wondering how anyone voted this down. This was great. The humility with which Rick approached the task at hand, the skill with which he recreated the dish, and the overall production of the video were all a joy to watch. Loved it.

  • I'd love to see Rick head south of Mexico! I've always been massively interested in the food of central America, and he seems like the perfect person to show it to us.

  • Make food from One Piece!

  • I am so hungry right now

  • This looked amazing makes me wanna go visit Guadalajara💚

  • The sound in this episode seems super off. Some almost silent, some super loud. Or maybe my TV's speakers are broken?

  • I wanna see one in León! I love these

  • When I first started watching this I thought who wants a sandwich with soggy bread that you cannot hold. I was happy to see they answered those concerns. I do think I would put the salsa inside the sandwich if I made it though. Yeah, so that is not traditional. ::shrug:: Great episode!

  • Try to make a zacahuilt frim hidalgo, probably from pisaflores where im from and its amazing taste is powerful

  • Where can I find the recipe?

    • Well you’re on the internet… you’re bound to find something akin to the recipe in this video.

  • As someone who was born in Guadalajara. This is the best dish the city has to offer. There isn't a boring day of eating in Guadalajara. Got excited when I was the market.

  • There has been always this big debate about putting frijoles in the tortas ahogadas, most people say that adding frijolitos to the torta transform them automatically into a simple "lonche" which is just a simple torta, the true essence of the torta ahogada is without the frijoles, you can ask 10 people and half is gonna say adding frijoles is just fine and the other half is gonna get real mad about it lol

  • Incredible show! I love it, and it's great seeing more Rick.

  • When ever I see an ad when I watch your videos I see you

  • The breadmaking scene was fantastic

  • I know that salsa is immaculate

  • Love these I had this for my 11th birthday In Mazatlán

  • This is Mexican accurate! I'm impressed!

  • Really hoping for tlayudas in Oaxaca! Fantastic series so far!

  • ¡A la huasteca!

  • The bit where he was waiting for the bread to rise was soooo funny

  • This is my favorite thing to come to the BCU hands down. Love visiting these local mexican shops and seeing how things are done down there

  • Can't wait for the next episode!

  • What a great show and great host. Love it

  • Shout out to the perro.

  • How is this free!!!

  • I love this series. I loved Rick on the channel that shall remain nameless. I loooooove the passion he has for the food and the methods of making it and he himself going to the local craftsfolk. The cinematography is gorgeous.

  • I love this series. I hope there will be a Pozole episode…

  • Huh! That intro music is the same one that You've Been Desserted with JJR uses....

  • this bread really looks like a sourdough baguette no?

  • This can't be Mexico where's the cartel? Where's the tinted yellow coloured sky? Are you telling me Hollywood has lied to me??

  • rick is so precious. i love his shows 🥺💜

  • I want to go Guadalajara now after watching this episode

  • This was absolutely stellar. What a watch. I am so far out of my depth on this sandwich. Wow, it looks so freaking amazing!

  • Everything looks so drool worthy 🤤

  • This is so well made and rick is always a pleasure to watch, he obviously has a real passion

  • the cinematography and the audio work that went into this is seriously impressive. Well done whoever made this

  • I want to move in with Rick, eat all the wonderful food he makes and hang out with him and his dog!

  • This is wonderful

  • This series is so polished and well done it feels like a TV show not a youtube show. It's amazing I love every second of it

  • PUEBLA!! Tacos arabes

  • Rick Marinez is awesome, love all of his content!

  • If I ever find flakes of blue nail polish in my bread, I'll know who to blame

  • Amazing series. I love how beautiful and colorful everything is, and how it shows great food I've never seen before.

  • I love this show so much, I don't know if this is just a guest spot show that will end but I don't want it to! It's so wonderfully done and I have learned so much from this show.

  • Where's that recipe at, I have a MIGHTY NEED to make at least ten of these sandwiches

  • Them nails tho ✨ Enserio amo este receta recuerdo unos de los compadres de mi mama venieron de Jalisco, entonces un dia hiceron tortas ahogadas; y te digo- paro un niño de 10 o algo años como yo- fueron un poqito picosos-

  • This guy is just great!

  • Amazing addition to the BCU, I absolutely loved this episode.

  • Great video and loved everything in it. Please make more content like this! Complete side note, but does the left and right audio sound flipped or is it just me?

  • This is amazing! The whole breadmaking sequence was fantastic wow it was so nice to see generations of breadmakers and panaderias still keeping tradition alive

  • jesus, what a skill this guy has making those sandwich rolls. And I thought he is only food/tasting traveler. I would like to see him make these rolls in basics to see some more of that technique

  • Tortas ahogadas usually come with two crunchy tacos on the same plate

  • WOW this was so cool to watch! This production value is unbelievable. As soon as I hit fullscreen, I didn't feel like I was watching ISprofile. I watched a bunch of Taco Chronicles on Netflix, and I could have sworn that first place Gerry and Rick went to was in an episode! Phenomenal stuff

  • One Piece!

  • Absolutely loving Pruébalo so far! Delving into the rich culture and showing how things are done in different areas is so fascinating and definitely captures my attention. The whole section on bread was wonderful to see! Can't wait for the next episode!

  • 0:56 :D

  • 9:43 the younger was cute 🥰

  • could u do the summer sundae from Thomas and the magic railroad plz?

  • As a lifelong student of cuisine and culinary media, I adore every part of this; Pruebalo is what all food shows should strive for.

  • the way they made the dog look at the four corners of the screen and added the graphics later

  • I love the cinematography in this series and rick is such a gem and as someone doing a bakery course at the moment the birote was super interesting.

  • The bread maker is so hot!

  • I cannot get enough of this series

  • Wait, is that my guy from BA?? I didn't realise how much I missed him until I saw this

  • i have a another idea invite a ecuadorian chef to the BCU it will be great

  • ♥️

  • Amazing series!!!

  • Ahhhh I love Guadalajara and the market! Great memories 😍

  • I know this show is pre recorded, but I really hope you have a big surprise for mexican independence day!!

  • I cannot praise this format enough. Way to go Rick and BCU. This is a hit.

  • read: “Como Ague Para Chocolate”- by Laura Esquivel! It has a bunch of prehispánic recipes and it’s a great book in general that I think you would like and help understand some of the history of Mexican gastronomy (but mostly it’s just a great novel)

  • Food looks delicious. If I had to eat one food for the rest of my life, I would choose Mexican food. One request, make the font of the captions bigger. I need my reading glasses.

  • Me sorpende que no alburearan mas al rick jajaja “con todo” “suave como tripa” “te va a gustar el birote”

  • This gives me real "Brad Goes" vibes and I'm here for it. I love Rick Martinez and this show is perfect.

  • I should have realized you were not going to make a quality sourdough in a week, but I'm glad there are such close options!

  • This is such an adventure! Love it!!

  • This may seem weird but this si WAY TOO OVERPRODUCED. This was a tv show on youtube for free.

  • Been a fan of this channel for a long time! Although the short form content focused on food from media will always be my fave, I absolutely LOVE this series. Rick was always a fave at BA and I'm so happy to see him staring in such a banggggggggin series. Thanks for putting this out for us for free

  • this is a fun series

  • The bread part reminded me of like a Disney movie

  • Woow i love tongue so much...

  • I cannot believe the young lady making a sandwich with those nails! Not in Canada!

  • What is the Mexican board of tourism paying Rick Martinez? Because it isn't enough.

  • RICK!!!!

  • My brain replaced "Martinez" with Samchez and I thought this was a Rick and Morty episode

  • why can't babish do the voice over??

  • i love this series!

  • Can someone PLEASE, PLEASE tell me where Rick got that gorgeous apron?!

  • The way Rick conceptualizes and remakes recipes is unmatched - no wonder he was so respected in the test kitchen