Binging with Babish: The Sims Special

Birt 20 júl 2021
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Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free

My playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish!

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  • Is it not Neapolitan? Not Napoleon? Have I been saying wrong this whole time???

  • ELbOw FlAvOrEd MaCArOnI

  • My favorite sim food is the goopy garbana

  • If you aint horribly murdering your small virtual humans in every way possible then youre playing it wrong

  • Walka-Doobie!

  • 4:24 so THATS what I've been doing wrong

  • EA continues to support children gambling even after losing the lawsuit.

  • Eggplant lasagna, you can't change my mind

  • aight now make ambrosia xd ... please

  • "Elbow flavored" Flavored? 😳

  • That looks flabbergaga!!!

  • just in time for the dollhouse

  • That is the easiest (non-boxed) mac and cheese recipe I've ever seen, bless your rarely-seen face. ❤

  • hey do you usually clean your gas stove?

  • Mark's pizzeria makes terrible pizza. Gotta love the local(ish) sponsorship tho

  • Because you mentioned ambrosia... I humbly request you make (at some point) Ambrosia. XD Thanks in advance.

  • Aub wabler snabble wohzal!

  • Elbow flavored?

  • 10:09 i forgor 💀

  • Baked Alaska is my favorite, my parents used to get me one for my birthday every year ! In France we call it Omelette norvégienne (norwegian omelet) 🥚

  • He should do the microwaved BBQ that Amy served up in the TV Show “Superstore”

  • I love the italian meringue luge idea! Very fun and daring.

  • I was expecting the ultimate sims classic: lobster thermidor

  • i cannot believe this man didn't make goopy carbonara

  • Babish I love you but my hate for EA is far greater. So I will fess up to giving you a thumbs down.

  • I'm not American, and for my whole life, I thought Mac and Cheese was a cheese sandwich. I was today years old when I discovered Mac and Cheese is not actually a sandwich dish.

  • it also took me way too long to realize it wasn't napoleon ice cream.

  • 5:55 Hold on, is he just saying that because it's hot or does eggplant make other peoples' mouths hurt too. I thought I was just slightly allergic to eggplant. And cantaloupe. And honeydew...

  • "napoleon" i think you mean " n e o p o l a t i n "

  • While the game looks beautiful, don't be fooled by the looks when you see its gameplay just being a stripped down version of what The Sims 3 or 2 has as a base game. The base game of the latter two had much better content when buying it alone, while the expansion packs from TS3 felt like what it says on the tin more than the ones from TS4. Even much worse is the SimGurus are terrible in nature from how SinGuruLindsay decided to add Journey To Batuu, a cashgrab game pack that nobody liked and requested. Seriously, sponsoring TS4 is a mistake. Should've done the recipe without any involvements with EA whatsoever.

  • The “nice” people at EA…

  • I really appreciate how despite all Babbish's fancy kitchen gadgets and cookware he uses a glass bottle simply labelled "fancy olive oil" (3:30). My man.

  • "but in my defense, i forgot!"

  • Umm, you forgot to leave the pan on the stove and go “get water” or wait for half a day for someone who you don’t even know to come and talk to you inside your house……

  • Earlier versions of the Sims had giant Baked Alaskas like that one, so you're not wrong, just vintage ;)

  • Lol what an impersonation of Simolian

  • wagadoony herg! :D

  • ive only just noticed the reflection of someone dancing in the oven

  • Babish finds it necessary to tell us to remove the egg shells but not to mini whisk

  • I did not expect Babish to make a Mark's Pizzeria reference!

  • Baked Alaska brings me back to my boarding school days. We would only get desurt once or twice a week but the chief loves baked Alaska. He would weel it out and set it on fire in the middle of the dining room where we could all see. Alot of entertainment for 100 teenage girls

  • Binging with babish forgot “letting your sims experience pain and agony for your own entertainment”

  • The baked alaska from the older games sort of looked like that..

  • Where is the classic burger cake

  • A more appropriate name would be deep fried eggplant lasagna

  • Now I'm trying to figure out who that was at the end of the video

  • 585 represent ❤

  • you made it babish, you're a sim!

  • elbow flavored? hahahaha

  • Did anyone else get a Babbish ad? Because it was like Inception: Babbish ad straight into the Babbish show

  • Yorgle bob, bluf Ronny und seet

  • Who caught the "tapa tapa" from food wishes??

  • babooripaba bobogababa ra gobababa

  • Smells like gambling

  • “I may have gotten a little scared” 💀💀 he’s such a goof

  • meebop, shabba labba move it like q beebop (beebop)

  • The kind of sponsorship deals Babish land confuse me sometimes.

  • Those are *terrifyingly* accurate *thank you*

  • You should do Moxies coffee order from the Helluva boss episode Truth Seekers

  • My grandma's baked Alaska recipe would put ice cream into round cake then egg on outside. Makes it better.

  • I dunno, it doesn't feel right. Not a single sneeze into the bowl or exploding oven to be seen here.

  • SaucePOT?

  • make the minecraft cake

  • Today I learned that baked Alaska isn't baked.

  • Who is that at the end?

  • My sims-trash heart was fine until 'At least I didn't have to make ambrosia though right?' the amount of times i've cheated my way to that dish

  • the Mark's Pizzeria shoutout LOL maybe i should try their dinner options sometime

  • Plz make ambrosia 😶

  • ...Oh, that's what that torch is for. Interesting.






  • "The world's easiest Mac and cheese recipe " hah my sims 4 character tried to make it and burned the house down and died in the process

  • Kendall is such a gem! ❤

  • Sims banish looks like he just came out of post Malone's country music video

  • i thought i had some semblance of an idea of what baked alaska is from seeing that betty crocker filled cake commercial for the formative years of my childhood but wow i had no idea what baked alaska is

  • Man I miss when sims didnt cost $600 to have all the content

  • Resident Evil VIII Romanian recipes next.

  • "It's f***ing MOLTEN!"

  • You should make “Troy’s Casserole” from Community

  • Oh NO! It's EA who sponsored you😦

  • Love the Sims! Only wish Sims 4 wasn't so empty without dlc.

  • PLEASE do the Steaktanic from Happy Endings!!

  • 0:27 wait are we talking about the same ea and same the sims?

  • … That has empowered people to discover themselves by taking off the ladders and transform pools into torturous instruments of slow and painful death.

  • anyone gonna talk about how he said "ELBOW FLAVORED macaroni"? The thought of this scares me and I am concerned for his mental health 😂

  • I just got an ad for another babish video whilst waiting for this babish video...odd ( the video is building a office Empire)

  • Gotta do the dessert fork you can eat after you have your dinner! It’s from the movie “The Project Florida”

  • "In my defense, I forgot." I lost it at that, lol

  • Did anyone else see the lil dancey dance in the oven reflection at around 7:05?

  • The commentary on the Baked Alaska section made me laugh, this was a great partnership!

  • Is Is that a beef wellington in the sims-

  • more of a Salvatores man myself but shoutout to Marks

  • You should have greeted us with sul sul! But that opening was excellent.

  • The intro video XD

  • In your defense, the baked Alaska is that size in Sims 2.

  • Since Ariana Remix of 34+35, I was wondering what Baked Alaskan is.

  • He should make the "Chocolate Chipped Cream Sundae Supreme" (Ice cream from Sonic Unleashed)